Off To Market

You’ll usually find me draped in accessories that I’ve picked up along my travels abroad, but yesterday, a beautiful Fall day full of errands called for a layered, comfortable ensemble.  This is what I am more likely to wear, while I’m traveling the world.  A flowy pant, layered with a light jacket, a versatile lightweight scarf (my favorite go to travel accessory by the way), sandals, a medium-sized bag, a few bangles and a hat (preferably a fedora).  The colors of this look and the pieces made me feel like I should be strolling the cobblestone streets of a tiny village in a far off land, on market day.  I love when fashion transports me to another place.

Do you have a special piece of clothing or accessories that instantly takes you somewhere else?











{Pant/Shirt/Macy’s, Sandals/Kenneth Cole, Jacket/Marshall’s, Scarf/Fedora/Necklace/Santee Alley, Bag/Alloy, Bangles/Bought in India}



1 thought on “Off To Market

  1. Beautiful mix of colors in this outfit. Love the pops of gold ❤

    – Anna

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